Getting Started

Here below we have a step-by-step guide
informing you on how to get started in order to play at the following casinos:

Step 1: How to download:

The beauty of most online casinos is that 99% of them offer players the option of playing for fun or real money. To play for fun, just click on the “practice mode” or “free casino” download button. A page will appear with the options to either “Run, Save or Cancel”. Click the “Run” button and the download will begin.

Step 2: How to install:

After completing the download session, you will then be asked to install the software. Take note that you must be connected to the internet in order to perform this process.

- Click on "Initializing Wise Installation Wizard".

- Click on "Install Wizard".

- Step by step guide that will guide you through the installation process.

- When completed, click "Next" button until it is done, then click the "Finish" button.

- Another box will appear showing the progression of the installation.

Once the above is complete, a box will appear stating that the casino has been successfully installed.

Step 3: How to open your account:

- As the software launches, the "Online Registration Wizard" will appear.

- You will be given two options. Open up a real casino account which means you can play for real money, or play for fun in the "practice mode" or as a "guest".

- Once you have selected your option, you will have to answer a few questions, which only applies to certain casinos. When you have completed all the necessary questions a "Registration Complete" box will pop up and give you your account number and password … This is to be kept in a SAFE place.

Step 4: How to make a purchase:

- Choose the "Real" account option and make a purchase to continue.

- A dialog box will appear stating "You currently have no credits to play with. Would you like to purchase credits now?" Select "Yes".

- You will then be taken to the banking menu.

- Select the desired option eg:  Firepay, Credit Card, Neteller etc.

- Fill in your personal banking details.

- Once all this has been done, a box will appear stating that your card has successfully been registered at the casino you selected.

- Choose the exact amount that you wish to purchase or play with.

- Confirm your purchase by selecting Yes or No.

- Return to the casino, and you are now ready to start playing.

Step 5: How to play:

- When you are ready to start playing, go to the casino menue and choose a game. The game you choose will show up below.

- Click on "click here to download", and a dialog box will appear which shows the progress of the game downloading.

Step 6: How to log on:

- The software of the casino that you downloaded will be set on your desktop as a short cut icon.

- Click on this icon when you want to start playing.

- The software will then start up and a text will appear saying "Loading software"