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Soccer Betting Online

Sports Betting - Soccer Soccer betting is beyond the shadow of a doubt the largest betting market world-wide. Being the most popular sport in the world, soccer leagues cover just about every corner of every country everywhere, so there’s never any shortage of action. As a matter of fact, those who aren’t focused about the games they choose to wager on, will find the offer at most online/live bookmakers simply overwhelming.

Soccer betting is the prime focus of just about every online bookie out there. Since most of the biggest online sportsbooks are Europe-focused, it is only natural that they will be mainly focused on soccer.

Betting on soccer is a way of life for many people world-over. The betting public covers the range from the nickel and penny recreational bettor all the way to professionals, who actually make a living betting the games. The wagers available on soccer games are of two basic types. In Europe, until not so long ago the 1X2 bets were the only ones available. There are live bookmakers on the old continent who still only offer such bets. Spread betting is slowly but surely making its way into the soccer market though, and the public is glad to embrace it, given the rather adverse odds that players get on standard 1x2 bets.

What exactly can one bet on in a soccer game? Given the importance of the market, there’s no sport out there better covered prop-bet-wise than soccer. Bettors can wager on the outcome of a game, on the goals total, on the goals scored by one of the teams, on the first player to pierce the opposing team’s net, on the first player to be substituted etc. There are such exotic bets on soccer games as guessing the total distance covered by a given player through a match or through one of the halves.

The bottom line: when it comes to volume and value, nothing out there will top soccer. Thanks to online bookies, US-based bettors can now wager on soccer games taking place all over the world too.