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Stud Poker is literally a legend in the poker industry and has been around for eons(metaphorically speaking). Stud Poker was for the most part the game of choice before Texas Hold'em took the throne. There are many variations of Stud Poker with Seven Card Stud being the most popular.

The game can be played with a minimum of 2 players up to a maximum of 8 players. The game consists of 5 betting rounds. Stud Poker starts off with an ante bet and each player starts of with two hole cards and one upcard. Each card which is dealt in Stud Poker is referred to as "Street" and the final card dealt facedown is known as the "River".

Each player ends up with 7 cards, four upcards and three downcards. Bear in mind that Aces factor in as both high and low cards. After the final round the "Showdown" takes place and the last player to have placed a bet or raised shows their hand first and the highest 5-card hand takes the pot.

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